Your Contracting Company in the Mining Sector


Service, Maintenance and Major Repairs

Draglines are our speciality, we are the market leaders for all work on a dragline. No project is too big for us to handle. If you need a professional job done safe within budget, call us!

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Build, Refurbish, Repair and Service.

We have many years of experience with all major brands of Drills, we can solve your problems...no problem!



Build, Refurbish, Repair and Service

We have a dedicated Shovel team to give you the best possible service. All our projects are handled safe, in time to the highest quality.


Stackers, Reclaimers and Plant

Service, Maintenance, Repairs and Modifications

We have vast experience in executing all kind of projects, from small to huge.


 Engineering Shop

Manufacture, machining and Press Work

We have a fully equiped Engineering shop where our competent staff can deliver more than expected.


What is Happening?

Here you can see what we are busy with.

Various Shutdowns in 2020

NewVaal Dragline Shutdown

Early Morning Dragline.jpg

Nov 2019 - March 2020

Kromdraai Dragline Move

DL Move smaller Image.jpg

October 2020

Komatsu Truck Build



A visual sense of what we do.

Komatsu Truck Build
Komatsu Truck Build
Dragline crossing Highway
Dragline crossing Highway
New Vaal Base Erection
New Vaal Base Erection
Komatsu Shovel
Komatsu Shovel
Drum Weld up
Drum Weld up
View from Site
View from Site
Optimum Shutdown
Optimum Shutdown
Draglines at Work
Draglines at Work
Install Shaft
Install Shaft


10 Joule St
Middelburg, 1050
South Africa

013 246 2324


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  • Founded in 1995 by Pieter Jordaan

  • A Registered Private Company

  • Not part of any Holding Group

  • Good relationship with Customers and Suppliers

  • Competent and Experienced personnel

  • We Erect, Service, Repair, Refurbish, Maintain, Machine, Manufacture and Line Bore

  • Excellent Experience with Draglines, Drills, Shovels, Trucks, Plant, Stackers and Reclaimers